Untangling Printer Spreads

Design, Printing

One thing that I had noticed that I do differently is how I figure printer spreads for books. I call it “The Ladder” and just recently had to show some fellow designers how to place single page pdfs into printer spreads.¬†They picked up on it quickly and I thought I would share it here as well.


Do what you love.


It’s a bad year for birthdays. My daughter was turning 10, I was laid off due to a 40% workforce reduction because of COVID-19, no large gatherings, and our basement had flooded weeks earlier. Like all parents, we want our kid to have memorable birthdays. We usually make a theme to work around: Mario Kart, Camp, Pokemon, Cowboys, whatever our daughter is into that year. We try to do as much as possible ourselves, making homemade pinatas and painting photo booths for the kids. With all of the uncertainty swirling around us, we couldn’t go as big as we usually would. The guest list was, well,  exclusive; just one friend over for a sleep over. My wife and I brainstormed about what we could do to make it memorable.