About Me

NickFolzHi! My name is Nick Folz and I am an Art Director living in Cincinnati, OH. I am a designer, illustrator, and lover of layout employed as the Art Director of The J. Peterman Company. Yes, the one from “Seinfeld.” Each month, I coordinate with artists, copywriters, merchants, and leaders around the world to produce J. Peterman’s iconic catalog, which is shipped to over a million homes every year. You would be hard pressed to find a designer with more print experience.

Beyond the press, I can easily create digital ad campaigns, website designs, and animation assets. I’m a Creative Suites expert and a swift and skilled illustrator, which gives me the ability to create bespoke graphics for any specific design need. My diverse background affords me the flexibility to think through and execute complex design solutions for any issue.

You can read my recommendations and view a sample of my portfolio in the menu above.

Thank you for your time,

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Nick Folz


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