Web and Social Ads

Designing for digital requires restraint, and a firm editors eye. You are completing compelling content that can come from every angle, you better be able to grab attention with little to no real estate. It is also a data driven science, getting real time results that let you pivot, refine, and perfect. Holiday Junction is an annual event at the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Duke Energy model trains run through resplendent replicas of the queen city. Families make a tradition of coming each year as part of their holiday festivities, I wanted something minimal and eye catching, using whitespace and simple colors.

Other campaigns pivot, to the benefit of the whole design. Destination Moon is a special traveling exhibit from The Smithsonian, and with it comes a lot of design requirements. At first they were very prescriptive with what we were allowed to create, and when I wanted to A/B test new creative they were hesitant. I showed them the new designs, featuring the helmet of Buzz Aldrin, something breathtaking and physical that the viewer could relate to, and they eagerly approved it. The new creative out preformed the older, that had featured the grey moon imagery and we switched the ad’s over entirely.