About Me

My name is Nick Folz and I am an Art Director living in Cincinnati, OH. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Illustration from the University of Southern Indiana and over a decade of graphic design experience. I have a passion for drawing, designing and creating. I carry no less than ten pens with me at all times.

I have the know-how it takes to drive a brand’s voice across many platforms. I also have the practical design knowledge needed to give detailed advice and direction to a team of designers;  I’ve done everything from full brand identities to wedding invitations and catalogs.  I am a versatile artist and designer who is up to any challenge. I am knowledgeable and skilled with the Adobe Suite as well as Quark. I have a background in print as well as digital design and am comfortable with both.

I have separated my portfolio into three categories at the top of the page: illustration, design and video.  You can also read my recommendations on the sidebar and view a gallery of my work there as well.

Thank you for your time,

Nick Folz

My digital signature

Nick Folz


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