Nick Folz, nice to meet you!

I am a designer, illustrator, and lover of layout currently seeking full time employment. Design, to me, means the marriage of the creative and the editor. Many fine artists would make terrible designers, many excellent editors would make garbage authors. The designer must do both to solve real world problems in beautiful ways.

I have over a decade of graphic design experience in print, digital and interactive. I’m the kind of designers that believes every aspiring logo designer should spend a year doing layout first. I am a Creative Suites expert and a swift and skilled illustrator which gives me the ability to create bespoke graphics tailored to any specific design need. My diverse background affords me the flexibility to think through and execute complex design issues.

I’ve been working in the digital space since the dawn of my career. I have worked within several different Content Management Systems such as WordPress, BlueHornet, and WorldNow. I also know how to write, read, and edit HTML and CSS when needed. From direct email marking messages to interactive and animated ads, I know digital.

I’m a contributor to The Pen Addict and Carryology, where I review my favorite office supplies and backpacks, respectfully.

You can read my recommendations below and view a sample of my portfolio.

Thank you for your time,

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